Virtual Assistant Rates



Hourly Rate:

For those clients who have a “short-term” assignment or who would prefer to “pay-as-they-go”, we have a base hourly rate of $30.00.  There is a one hour minimum and hours will be billed in 15 minute increments.

Retainer Packages:

Our prepaid packages are for clients needing administrative services on an ongoing basis, who would like to reserve a set number of hours per month.  By purchasing a prepaid plan, clients ensure continued and ongoing support when they need it.  These discounted plans are cost-effective to the client and allows us the opportunity to better service you on an ongoing basis.

Prepaid hours are typically used within a 30 day period, and any unused hours will not roll over, but we can reevaluate your plan at anytime to best suit your needs.  These plans are paid in full at the beginning of each month.

Starter Package:         5 Hours a month @ 5% discount

Our starter package is great for clients who are unsure of the number of hours they will need to get the job done.  Note: this is a one time offer for new clients only!  This is what we call a “getting to know each other package”.

We also offer the following Executive packages that you too can be winner with!

Associate: 10 hours a month @ 10% discount

Director:   15 hours a month @ 15% discount

Executive:     20 hours a month @ 20% discount

Method of Payment:

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express through Paypal.  Pay-as-you-go clients will be billed at the end of each week, retainer clients will be billed the first of every month.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Rush Jobs:

Rush projects of 24 hours or less will have a 20% rush fee charged

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