Is a “one-stop” shop, on-line community for moms who have chosen to stay-at home, run a business from home or are considering starting a business from home to give them the flexibility to care for their special needs child.

This unique membership will provide members the ability to network professionally, give them access to educational tools, resources and the ability to share experiences with other members of the group, in a secure, supportive environment.

Being a member of SpecialMompreneurs , you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Community Forum - this is a secure forum for group discussions and networking, where you can post questions, share experiences and network with other members.  There are two different forum groups created: Mom Entrepreneur for business related topics and Special Needs Mom for anything relating to topics for special needs parenting.  In this forum you can do the following:

            – Create Personal Identity - with family information and short bio about yourself

            – Create A Profile Page – with contact information, business information & social media contacts

            - Promote Your Business -through your signature line, and community discussions.

  • Member Monthly Meetup – network with other members  through our “Member Monthly Meetup Calls”
  • Chatroll – ability to network and chat “live” with other members of the group who are logged on.
  • Ecommerce Shop – find products for your personal and professional life.
  • Resource Library – access to our special needs resource library filled with useful information on organizations, health information and more!
  • e-Learning Campus – ability to learn and educate yourself on business related topics from blogging to parenting all at the convenience of your home and best of all on your schedule.
  • Panel of Advisors – access to monthly teleconferences with Panel of Advisors, get access to ask them questions relative to the topic of the month.

To Join: please click here to get to our Registration Page to join.  Membership is FREE!

Please remember the following information to complete registration:

You will need to get approval to have access to the above information.  After you register here are the steps to follow:

  1. You will receive an email with your login details.  Click on the link and use the designated password in the email to sign in.  You will be brought right to the “Community” forum area.  Once in the Community this will allow you to update your profile (see boxes below) with Personal Identity, Additional Information, Signature etc. and at the bottom of the page click “Update Your Profile.”
  2. Go out to the SpecialMompreneurs site by clicking one of the tabs up top  (this will steer you away from the “Community”)
  3. Find “Membership Details” by your logout button.  Click on this.  It will bring you to a Wordpress page for your profile.  This is where you can “change your password” to a password of your choosing.
  4. Click “Visit Site” or “Marla Murasko” on top left.  This will bring you back to the site, where you can again get into the “Community” under SpecialMompreneurs to post topics, visit our “Resource Library” and more.
  5. Make sure to bookmark your page with your new password so you can just get into the site with your new password everytime.  You can either bookmark the page or click on the “Sign In” button on the top of the site.  To be brought to the sign in page that you will need to enter your username and your personal password.
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