Organizational Products

Keeping your life organized is not an easy one, but here we offer some great organizational products that may be helpful not only in your personal life, but in your professional life as well.

Cargo Tote

This handy fold-a-way tote has a large interior that holds up to 3 bags of groceries, so they don’t roll around.  It has a zip closure to keep valuables out of sight.  It has hook and loop grip strips to keep the tote in place. 







Cup It Up – $11.95

 Have you ever been driving and your cell phone falls on the passenger side floor, and the phone rings while you are driving?

 This ingenious  driver cup stores your phone, cords, sunglasses, receipts and more.   Back cord ports keep you charged up.  Fits in any cup holder.  Available in pink or saddle.






   Neat Seat – $19.95


Tired of all your papers, CD’s, maps and pens flying all over your seats?  Then you will really appreciate this handy driver organizer.  Includes 6 roomy pockets and one large enough to hold file folders.  Swings from back to front of seat.






   Pretty Clip Boards – $9.95


Fun and functional.  Why not look chic while taking notes or having a customer sign an order form?  Available in Bloom or Dot.