Our Ideal Client

“Successful people have the ability to develop relationships that last.  Building a relationship requires the building of trust.”

 At Marla Murasko Enterprieses, Inc. we work with you to build a relationship based off of trust and positive results for your business.

Here is what our “ideal client” looks like:

    • Ready for Action Attitude – someone who is ready, willing and able to get things done, to make change.
    • Good Communication and Work Style for Good Fit – your partnership with Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc. is a collaborative, professional relationship of equals, where professional respect and courtesy work best in order to provide the best possible results.  You need to be able to be open to suggestions, work styles in order to create a “cohesive” team to be successful.
    • Passionate – has a great desire to make the lives of others better and wants to empower others.

Who We Enjoy Working With:

We look forward to partnering with

  • entrepreneurs 
  • mom entrepreneurs
  • small business owners
  • brands who’s focus is the “family unit” or mothers of special need children
  • special needs professionals (life/parent coaches, special needs authors, motivational speakers)
  •  small town communities
  • and not-for-profits organizations.




Clients We Have Worked With In The Past:

Busy Mom Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners -Parenting Coach, Literacy Coach, children’s gym, restaurant owner.

Non-Profits – the local United Way had a project that dealt with “building stronger communities through financial education”.  They retained me to be their Project Manager to manage the project effectively and efficiently.  Mended Little Hearts Support Group, South Bend, IN.

Partnering with Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc., a firm who is devoted to your business, your event, your brand, your fundraiser and your consumers.  Bringing you desired results.