How to Integrate Pinterest into Your Marketing Strategy


  If you are a business owner, chances are you have a marketing strategy. You have established goals for each of your individual marketing tactics, including content marketing.  And you have created a step by step plan to achieve those goals.

Your marketing strategy likely also has a plan for testing and tracking the success of your goals. Finally, if you’ve been in business for some time then your marketing tactics overlap and you plan how to maximize each new tactic by integrating it with the others.

For example, you may integrate your content marketing efforts with your Facebook strategy by posting teasers and links on Facebook to newly published content on your website.  As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity you may be looking at how you can capitalize on this social trend.  Before you join [Read more...]

What Can Non-Profits Do To Be More “Likeable” in Social Media?


I came across this blog post from “Likeable Media” on Facebook talking about how non-profits can use social media to better engage their audience and speak about their cause.  Here is the link.

Click this link to watch this quick 3 minute video from “Likeable Media” \”What Can Non-Profits Do To Be More Likeable In Social Media\”

What is your Communication Plan to inform your audience of your cause and your events? [Read more...]