Spring Is In The Air – Time To Add A New Look To Your Business

Spring is in the air, the flowers and trees are blooming beautiful hues of colors.  The sweet smell of tulips and cherry blossoms are in the air, it’s time for a change or a rebirth and we can help you do this for your business.

People everywhere are excited to start their spring cleaning to freshen the dull dreary life of the winter months to a fun, vibrant and colorful life of the spring.  They feel refreshed and want something new.  You should be thinking the same way about your business.  Freshen it up!

What spring cleaning are you doing for your business?

Have you taken a look at your logo, tagline or marketing material?  Do they need a “pick me up” a change to attract some new interest – new clients?  Do you have a new fun campaign that you need to capture the eyes of your audience or attract new clients?

Let us help.  We can help you:

  • Create a new logo
  • Give your website a new fresh look, people get bored of seeing the same pictures/content on a website.  They want to see new things, to keep them interested
  • Do you have a new campaign you want to launch and need help creating an “opt-in” box for your website or facebook page to create your list
  • or maybe you just completed your ebook and now you need help designing a great captivating ecover to attact clients

Our team member Dawn Papandrea-Kahn from DPK Graphics can help you do this.  She is a wonderfully creative person, and here is just some of the work she has done for me:





She created this logo/header for my SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club - an online community that empowers mothers of a special needs children to reach for their dream of becoming entrepreneurs.  As like-minded moms, we are here to support each other personally, as well as professionally.  Here we Support, Inspire… and Share!

This is a logo/header she created for me for my company Beleafe , a small town business focusing on helping downtown businesses grow, secure financial stability and build their brand through through marketing, social media as well as, helping local non-profits with active fundraising events and helping them communicate their story of how their organization strengthens the community.  Believing in the strength of community.

And this is the logo/header she created for my son’s blog Jacob’s Journey | A Special & Determined Little Boy celebrating life and the beauty of Down Syndrome.  As a special needs mom blogger and advocate I wanted to give my son the platform to help create awareness, acceptance, inclusion and understanding of Down Syndrome


This is the opt-in box she created for my Jacob’s Journey | A Special & Determined Little Boy blog, to encourage people to sign up for our sensory friendly children’s activities:

This is the ecover she created for my ebook for the SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club:




















As you can see her work is clean, crisp, professional and best of all she is very easy to work with.

If you are interested in learning more about how Dawn can help your business get some new life to it, please email me at [email protected].

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