Simple Steps to Organizing Your Pantry

“Simple Steps to Organizing Your Pantry”

 We visit our pantry often when preparing meals, but how often do we spend time organizing it?

Now is the perfect time to organize and stock up your pantry. With the cooler weather approaching, you may find yourself stocking up on more items like soups and stews.  Maybe you just want to stock up on the staples to make fewer trips to the grocery store in the cooler months.

Well if you are like most people, you may find your pantry has also become a storage place for extra appliances or even your outdoor entertaining dishes you used during the summer months.  Take those infrequently or seasonal items and store them on the higher shelves out of the way to make more room.  Now that you have made room, you can do the following:

Task #1 – go through and purge expired items or donate to your neighborhood food shelter items that you may never use.

Task #2 – you may find several open bags of chips or boxes of pasta, etc.  Go through them to see what is good and merge them into one box or bag.  Plastic storage containers also come in handy to prevent items from getting stale.

Task #3 – Group items together into specific categories, such as canned goods, sauces, soups, etc.  This will give you a good picture of what items you have or don’t have.  This will also help you to find things easier if everything is in a specific area.  Labeling the shelves may also come in handy.

Task #4 – Depending on how big or deep your pantry is, you may find that placing items that are newer behind items that will be expiring sooner, will prevent you from wasting food.  If you have a lot of room in between your shelves and your pantry door, you can purchase an over-the-door organizer for more space.

Challenge for the Week:  Create a checklist of pantry staples either on your computer or on a dry ease board.  Keep a list of the items you use frequently and put an X next to those items you have run out of or may be running low on.  This will make your next trip to the grocery store easier, and you will find that you aren’t buying items you think you may need only to find duplicates at home.

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