Organizing Your Priorities

by admin on January 21, 2011

“Organizing Your Priorities”

How many times in a day, do you find yourself wondering, “where did the time go?”  Do you ever feel like you spend too much time doing and not enough time living?  With the fast-paced lifestyle, society has us in, it is no wonder you can find any time for yourself or what is important to you.  You spend all day doing for others that at the end of the day, you have no energy or time left in the day to do anything that is important to you.  It is time to organize your priorities.

Goal  #1:   Ask yourself what and who is important to me?  What do I want to accomplish in my

Goal #2:      Create a list of your top ten priorities; these priorities should be what are important to
                        you.  You will realize all too quickly, that if you don’t know what your priorities are, then
others will decide them for you.

Goal #3:      Post them somewhere, so they will become visual reminders of what is important to you.

Goal #4:      Create a list of the activities (ie: PTA, tennis league, etc) that you are currently
involved with.  Then take this list and compare it to your top ten priorities list.  This should
help you to see what activities you can eliminate, to make room for your priorities.

Goal #5:       Take the time to schedule in your planner, activities that will contribute to you meeting
your priorities.  Making a phone call to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, time to
exercise, date night with your spouse or maybe it’s just reading a book to your children.

Goal #6:       Learn when and how to say no!  Set boundaries and honor your priorities.

 “Live Simply.  Love generously.  Care deeply.  Speak kindly.  Leave the rest to God.”

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