Inexpensive Wall Decor

Want to give those plain walls a face lift, but don’t want to necessarily repaint or put up wallpaper?   Well have you every heard of wall decor?

Blik a company specializing in wall decor stickers brings you the ability to redecorate any room and give it your own personality.  What’s the best part?  They are only temporary!  Yes if you get bored of that theme or want to go with a new look, just peel them off. is the link to these wonderful room art stickers.  Here is a picture of the Olivia Headboard with actually having a headboard. 

And what’s even better they are relatively inexpensive.

Your child’s dorm room needs a little pick me up, but they can’t paint the walls.  These are the best alternative to posters and pictures.  Send your freshman off to college with alittle flair.

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