How to Integrate Pinterest into Your Marketing Strategy


  If you are a business owner, chances are you have a marketing strategy. You have established goals for each of your individual marketing tactics, including content marketing.  And you have created a step by step plan to achieve those goals.

Your marketing strategy likely also has a plan for testing and tracking the success of your goals. Finally, if you’ve been in business for some time then your marketing tactics overlap and you plan how to maximize each new tactic by integrating it with the others.

For example, you may integrate your content marketing efforts with your Facebook strategy by posting teasers and links on Facebook to newly published content on your website.  As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity you may be looking at how you can capitalize on this social trend.  Before you join the “Pinheads” (Pinterest members and users) consider how you can integrate this tactic into your existing marketing strategy.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

#1 Blog Plug-Ins

This is one of the easiest ways to integrate Pinterest into your existing marketing tactics and strategy. There are several Pinterest Plug-ins and more are being added as the site continues to grow and develop. In addition to “Pin This” and “Follow” buttons on your blog you can add plug-ins that allows you to share your most recent pins.  You can see how I have integrated this plugin on both of my other websites SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club and my blog Jacob’s Journey | A Special & Determined Little Boy.  It’s a way to motivate visitors to pin your images and also to follow you on Pinterest.

#2 Content Marketing

Consider taking a look at your existing content marketing plan. Evaluate how you can add more visual interest to your blog or website. For example, can you add more images to your blog posts? Can you convert some of your content into short videos?  You can pin videos on Pinterest.  You can see how I have done this by following me on Pinterest at any topics lend themselves to infographics that you can share on Pinterest?

#3 Social Networking

Pinterest is intimately connected with Facebook and Twitter. In fact, if you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account you can’t get a Pinterest account. And you can post any pin onto your Facebook or Twitter profile. You can also add buttons to your Pinterest profile so Pinterest followers can find you on Facebook or Twitter. Take a look at your existing Facebook and/or Twitter marketing tactics. How can you enhance them with Pinterest?

Remember to test and track your efforts. Add Pinterest to your analytics. Pay attention to who is pinning your content and repining your pins. Track your Pinterest traffic. And integrate your efforts. You’ll reap more benefits in less time.