Discover Your Town (A Community Initiative)

Did you know that you can learn and see so many fun and interesting things right in your local community?

“Discover Your Town” is an initiative that we are doing here with The Beleafe Project.  It’s a call to action to people, parents and teachers to support and strengthen your local community by visiting museums, parks, farmers markets or festivals.  Attend events that will help you to understand and grow the community in which you live.  

The meaning of the word “community” can mean different things to people, but a community is a place that supports the people that live there, and it can only be as strong as the people that support it.  Help support and grow your downtown community.

To start planning your family fun “local” adventures, contact your local visitors bureau to get a list of attractions to visit, and the local event schedule of fairs and exhibits that are taking place right in your own community, then start planning your adventures.

Did you know that by going to the local farmers market you can learn about farming, the different seasons for vegetables or fruits and by buying locally you are supporting the local farmer that lives right in your own community.  Keep it local!

Making a difference locally by helping your neighbors and growing your town, is a great way to give back.  Yes going to Disney is fun, but can be difficult financially for families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  It’s what you do and the time you spend together that matters.

So I challenge you to “Discover Your Town.”  Share with us on our Facebook page what fun adventures you went on right in your local community.  Take a picture, tell us the town and state, what you learned and why it would be fun for others to see.  We will then share your adventure on our Beleafe Project pinterest board.

Paying it forward “one community at a time.”