New Beginnings for Your Closet

September brings with it many new beginnings.  Your children start a new school year.  The change of seasons start as each morning brings cooler air.  With that, the thought of sweaters and coats start to enter into your mind.  This is the perfect time to re-organize and de-clutter your closet.

Having a neat and organized closet not only looks nice, but also simplifies your life, making it easier to get dressed every morning.

The key to a cleverly organized closet is to “personalize it”.  Create an ideal environment that you want to go to every morning.  Here is a quote I heard the other day “it’s like creating a little store in your closet that you are excited about shopping in everyday.”

You can create different sections to your closet.  Knowing exactly what is in each section makes it easier to find things.  Having these sections will also make it easier to put things away, since each item will have a “home.”  Here are three easy steps to creating a great, organized closet:

#1 – Grab and Go Section.   This area is for those basic foundational clothes that you wear every day.  For example: nice pair of jeans, nice tshirts or even khaki pants.  Things you know will mix and match together nicely.

#2 – Originality Section.  This is for items that are not so basic in nature, but add some flair to your ever day clothes such as prints, beading or lace.  Ruffled blouses or fitted jackets would go in this section.

#3 – Archive Area – grab the clothes that you wear almost weekly and take them out of play for a little while.   Store them in this area in a plastic garment bag.  This will force you to revisit some older clothes that you may have not utilized in a while.  You have a choice you can start to wear them again or it will force you to de-clutter your closet by getting rid of unused items.  It will also give you a new, fresh look to your wardrobe without having to spend the big bucks to do it.  It’s called repurposing 101.

New Beginnings for Children’s Closets

You can use the same idea for your child’s closet.  Children are growing constantly forcing them to outgrow their clothes a lot sooner.  De-cluttering and organizing your child’s closet with clothes that fit and are in season, always seems to be a never-ending task for a parent.

Here are some useful tips to getting an organized, fun closet for your child:

Tip #1: Go through and start to make a pile of items that can be donated or sold.

Tip #2: It would be nice to have your child help you with this task, as you can have them try on items that you feel do not fit them anymore.  Again, donate them or if they have, a younger sibling that can use these clothes, save them for them.  Put these clothes in storage bins, maybe some under the bed storage bags, which can be found at Clever Container .

Tip #3 – The under the storage bags also come in handy for storing out of season clothes, leaving your child with appropriate clothing for the season.   

Tip #4 – Decide, which clothes should be, hung up and what clothes can be folded and put in their drawers.  This again will make it easier for them to put their clothes away, as they will know each item goes into a specific area.

Tip #5 – Creating sections such as the “Grab and Go” section and the “Originality Section” will make it easier and more enjoyable for your children to get ready for school each morning.  You can transform your kid’s closet, into a fun and organized dressing area.  Take two hooks, nail them into the door and tie a short clothesline to them, equipped with clothespins.  After your child picks out an outfit for the next day, they can clip it to the clothesline so they are all ready instead of feeling rushed in the morning.  You can repurpose a plastic bag recycler, by tacking it to your child’s door where they can put items like scarves, or hats.  When they open their closet in the morning their outfit is all set for them.

Springbreak Vacation – Jamaican Style

Well here is a snapshot of our springbreak at “Beaches” Negril. As you can see Elmo in our family picture, that’s because Beaches has partnered with Sesame Street to provide the all around family vacation.

We had a blast! This was one of the best family vacation we have had. Beaches did a great job including all members of our family no matter what the age.

As you can see by this picture of Jacob with Abby
he had his birthday party in Jamaica. You have never seen so many smiles on this kid. Every morning he woke up asking for Elmo or Cookie.

Every day they had a new set of activities to do. Here is Jacob and Amanda looking at the day’s activities to decide which ones they wanted to go to.

My stepdaughter Amanda who is 15, was able to do things with other kids her own age. She got certified to be a DJ at a party. She went to a DJ academy and made a cd, and got a certificate of completion. She did a great job on the cd.

In closing if you are looking for a very relaxing, but yet fun-filled if you choose to partake in the days activities vacation for the whole family this all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica was a must see for all families.

Take it from us we loved it and plan to go back.

Happy 4th Birthday My Precious Boy!

Today is my son’s 4th birthday. I cannot believe he is 4 already, where did the time go? I can remember like it was yesterday when we were in Naperville, IL celebrating his birth!

So on Saturday, we had his first “friends” birthday. It was perfect. I had invited 5 of his classmates, but only 2 were able to come since it’s Springbreak and the others were on vacation. But all-in-all it was just enough. Everyone had a great time. Even his teacher came.

It was really cute, because when we got to the birthday song, the 3 of them (Jacob, and his two friends) were singing “Happy Birthday … cha, cha, cha” it was so cute. I started laughing because I never heard Jacob do that before so you can see that was something special they do at their school.

So today when his dad and I sang to him this morning since today is his official birthday, we did the “cha, cha, cha”, and he just laughed.

He had a great birthday, and we are looking to another one next week when we are on springbreak in Jamaica. He has a birthday party scheduled with Elmo. So basically he had a Barney party and an Elmo party, we covered all his favorite characters.

Please Vote for the National Down Syndrome Congress Campaign

I wanted to ask for a favor. The National Down Syndrome Congress is creating a marketing campaign “More Alike than Different”. I have entered my son in for a poster.

I would love it if you could take a minute to vote for him, his poster is #63. You can vote for 2 other posters also, because you can’t vote for Jacob’s poster 3 times or you won’t be counted.

Also you can only vote once. Thanks for your support.

Click here Jacob poster #63

Great Walk Today

Today was such a beautiful day, not only because of the sun that was shining bringing new life to the cold earth, but today Jacob and I took a walk.

I don’t normally like to walk with Jacob in the street, but it was a nice day and I think we both needed to get out and feel the warmth of the sun on us.

Now picture this we will live on a very steep hill, so for a child with developmental delays walking down our driveway could turn into a tumble right down flat into the middle of the street, so I held his hand and we walked down very carefully.

As we entered onto the street you could hear the birds chirping, and as we walked “hand-in-hand”, I mentioned to him listen to the birds how they are chirping and he was all excited and said “bird”.

We walked around the cul-de-sac, and as we were walking back I could hear a car coming up from behind us, so I stopped him and told him to listen. “Do you hear a car coming”, and he listened and looked up in the direction from where the car was coming and I said to him, “now you have to stop right here” pointing to the side of the street “when a car goes by”. I’m hoping that he will learn that he shouldn’t run out into the middle of the street. But I know that it will have to take alot more times before it will click with him that he could get hurt, so I hope to do that more.

The reason for this post is because I was extremely proud of him. As I mentioned we live on a very steep hill. Now normally he wouldn’t have been able to make it up the driveway by himself, but today he showed me how strong and what a big boy he is becoming.

The great thing is that dad was working from home today and saw for himself how strong he is getting and was yelling out the window “come on Jacob”. I know it probably doesn’t sound like alot but for us this was a great moment that I felt like sharing.