IEP Meeting

Well today I had to meet with our Special Education team to discuss Jacob’s IEP. I’d like to give you alittle backgroud so you will understand my comment when I say “I dont’ really look forward to these meetings”, and the reason I say that is because our first meeting did not go well.

Before Jacob was going to transition into the school district special education program, I did alot of research on the preschools in the area, visited 3 and asked alot of questions of the therapists that came to my home when Jacob was in early intervention.

I decided that I did not want Jacob to go to the public preschool that apparently I was being pretty much being forced to have him go to. I wanted him in a loving environment so I decided on a preschool at a local church (which was not in the public program for special education). So when we had our transition meeting I told the Coordinator of the Special Education program of our school district that Jacob will not be going to the public school preschool. Yes I want him mainstreamed, but I did not feel that preschool would offer him anything. She said she understood and agreed that it would be fine.

Well when we had our first meeting, which was about 2 hours long, she tried to blindside us by having us sign the paperwork stating that Jacob would go two days at the public school and two days at the private preschool.

My loving husband who normally is really good at these meetings, didn’t realize what was happening and I just sat there dumbfounded that she this Director was trying to pull a fast one over on us.

My husband signed the paperwork and when I got home I said do you know what you sigend you signed for Jacob to go to school 4 days a week, at two different schools. He said no that’s not what they said, I said “read the paperwork”. Well he was furious that this lady did not respect our wishes after we had her at our house and she confirmed that Jacob did not have to go to the public school in order for him to receive services. So I was furious and thought well if this is how the lady wants to play the game, she’s messing with the wrong people.

After many conversations with a variety of people, I requested another meeting to change it to what we originally discussed and requested her boss be there, so he understood what she was pulling. We wondered how many other people did she do this to.

Hence the reason for me not liking these meetings.

However, this meeting went very well. All of the therapists and Jacob’s preschool teacher were very impressed with how “smart” Jacob is, and how well he has adapted to his school and how fast he is coming along. He’s doing “wonderful” his preschool said. She mentioned the Christmas pagaent, and how she got so emotional when she saw Jacob who was in the front row, right in the middle standing there like a little boy participating and singing all the songs. As she said, “I was looking around at all the kids, and then I focused on Jacob and he just glowed like a shining star and she had to fight back the tears.” Here is a few pictures of that event:

Jacob and his teachers:

So when the meeting was over, the Coordinator asked if I wanted to sign the paperwork then or take it home, of course my answer was “I will take it home and sign it”.

When we walked out Jacob’s preschool teacher said “that went well, I think she knows not to mess with you now”. I hate to sound like a %*$#@, you have to be strong for your child as you are their biggest advocate.

So at the end of the day I was pleased at how well the meeting went.