Advocacy Corner: Employing People With Disabilities

I wanted to share with you an encouraging article I just read about “Employing People with Disabilities.”

The encouraging news continues. Staffing Industry Analysts on December 14, 2012 reported that Allegis Group, the largest staffing firm in the U.S. made a deal to acquire, a job board serving people with disabilities. “We believe people with disabilities have been an underserved part of the job seeking community,” said Michael McSally, vice president, enterprise operations, at Allegis.

“There are many talented individuals looking for employment and many companies looking for a good fit for their organizations. This acquisition reflects our commitment to helping connect this often underserved segment of the population with good job opportunities. It also helps us meet the needs of our clients, who are seeking [Read more...]

How to Integrate Pinterest into Your Marketing Strategy


  If you are a business owner, chances are you have a marketing strategy. You have established goals for each of your individual marketing tactics, including content marketing.  And you have created a step by step plan to achieve those goals.

Your marketing strategy likely also has a plan for testing and tracking the success of your goals. Finally, if you’ve been in business for some time then your marketing tactics overlap and you plan how to maximize each new tactic by integrating it with the others.

For example, you may integrate your content marketing efforts with your Facebook strategy by posting teasers and links on Facebook to newly published content on your website.  As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity you may be looking at how you can capitalize on this social trend.  Before you join [Read more...]

Spring Is In The Air – Time To Add A New Look To Your Business

Spring is in the air, the flowers and trees are blooming beautiful hues of colors.  The sweet smell of tulips and cherry blossoms are in the air, it’s time for a change or a rebirth and we can help you do this for your business.

People everywhere are excited to start their spring cleaning to freshen the dull dreary life of the winter months to a fun, vibrant and colorful life of the spring.  They feel refreshed and want something new.  You should be thinking the same way about your business.  Freshen it up!

What spring cleaning are you doing for your business?

Have you taken a look at your logo, tagline or marketing material?  Do they need a “pick me up” a change to attract some new interest – new clients?  Do you have a new fun campaign that you need [Read more...]

Do You Know What A Smart Tag Is or Even How To Decode it?

Technology is getting farther along than I think most Americans can keep up with.  Do you know what this funky box is to the left?  Well it’s a smart tag a or a QR code 2D bar code.  It’s similar to the scanning bar codes found on all grocery products that give you the cost of food, or maybe used for sale items.  But they are now being incorporated as a marketing tool as well.

You can create them for free, you don’t have some expensive software to do it.  Microsoft has a free service that you can create these tags, used to direct people that have a smartphone with scanning ability back to any web address you prefer.

Are you still wondering how [Read more...]

We Are Expanding

Welcome to our new team members! Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc. is happy to announce that we are expanding our portfolio of services to our clients.

I would personally like to welcome Dawn Papandrea-Khan, who as a graphic artist, her talent’s go way beyond my expectations.  I used Dawn for my SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club logo, ecover, optin and Facebook page welcome and was so pleased at her work, her professionalism and creativity, I decided to ask her to join my team.  I wanted to let others experience her wonderful work.  I think that is someone’s greatest referral is to ask them to join their team.

If you are interested in learning more about our new team members please visit them here.  However, if you are interested in any of their services, I would ask that you contact me directly at [email protected]/

“Purpose-Driven Brand Building”

I came across a post on Facebook talking about a commercial that Proctor & Gamble did with a Special Olympics athlete in it.  I am a big advocate for special needs children, as my 5 year old son has Down Syndrome.  I was even a “buddy” back in high school for Special Olympics so needless to say the post caught my eye.

Well I went on to view the commercial, here’s the link.  I love how it mentioned “Proud Sponsors of Moms”.  As I mentioned in my websiteMarla Murasko Enterprises, Inc. is passionate about supporting businesses that [Read more...]

Create Good Business the SMART Way

Creating Good Business the SMART Way

S – Specific: be clear about what you want

M – Measurable (monetary): you need to know if you are  succeeding or not

A – Achievable: make goals that take into account how much free time and manpower you have

R – Realistic: choose goals that are possible

T – Timely: make short-term goals to compliment your long-term goals

You need to have a very clear, measurable plan so you can be accountable to yourself and others. 

Let me help you do that!

Contact me today at [email protected] to schedule your free 30 minute strategic planning call to see how we can work together to help you to do business the SMART way.

How Are You Planning To Boost Sales This Holiday Season?

The holidays always seem to bring stress for retailers and business owners.  Many business owners question how they are going to boost sales and stay competitive during the holidays.

Well that would be by giving your customers a SPECIAL OFFER they just can’t refuse!


Everybody loves to know that they can get a special offer or even something FREE during the holidays. [Read more...]

What Can Non-Profits Do To Be More “Likeable” in Social Media?


I came across this blog post from “Likeable Media” on Facebook talking about how non-profits can use social media to better engage their audience and speak about their cause.  Here is the link.

Click this link to watch this quick 3 minute video from “Likeable Media” \”What Can Non-Profits Do To Be More Likeable In Social Media\”

What is your Communication Plan to inform your audience of your cause and your events? [Read more...]

Organizing Your Financial Life

Have you ever received a gift card for your birthday and misplaced it? Maybe you put savings bonds that your child received for special occasions in such a great hiding place that now you cannot find them. These are treasures lost in piles of clutter; things of value hiding in your space that maybe you will never find or have long since forgotten about. Have you ever really sat down and gone through your credit card statements to notice there may be charges on there that you are unaware of?

We find ourselves so busy that staying financially organized can take a back seat. Staying organized can lead to a healthy and more financially sound life style. Here are some tips: [Read more...]