Interested in Using Social Media to Promote your Fundraising Event

Interested in Using Social Media to Promote your Fundraising Event?

Not sure quite how to use social media for your fundraising event or incorporate it into your marketing strategy? Let us help.

Whether you are a small downtown community, museum, nonprofit or new business, we work with you to promote your event or business and help you to find ways to engage your audience.  Social media is making that a lot easier and a lot quicker then the traditional print method.

Organizations are realizing that social media is an effective and cost-efficient way to reach their audience, and really be able to engage them on certain products, campaigns or services.

Not sure how to do this we can help.

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"Communication on The Go"

I took my son to speech therapy today and the ST showed me a really neat, innovative tool that the schools in our district are starting to use to help children that are unable to communicate.

It’s a software that can be downloaded to your IPhone or IPod, the name of the software is Proloquo2Go.

Basically it shows picture/text and if you click on that button it will say the word. You can customize it to speak your child’s name, you can create sentences ex: “I want a drink of milk” and save them so they can just click on that sentence amd use it as often as needed.

It’s quite a fascinating piece of software, and for someone who has an Iphone I think the program is so easy to use, but most of all it’s portable, they can carry the Iphone or Ipod with them to school, play dates, etc.

For parents of children that are unable to communicate or have a hard time communicating because of speech issues, this should provide a measure of comfort knowing that your child will be understood.