12 Hours 2 Give to 12 Charities

12 Hours 2 Give


The 12 Hours 2 Give event is being sponsored by Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc.  This event was created to take a moment of your day (12-12-12) to celebrate and share all the unselfish and tireless work individuals and charities are doing to help make the lives of others more fulfilling. For those individuals that are diagnosed with a disability, suffer from a disease or have been hit with hard times these organizations bring hope. This event is not only to help spread awareness about [Read more...]

Green Christmas Presents Also Mean Green Wrapping and Green Cards

I saw these beautiful handmade Christmas Cards on Pinterest from Wanda Guess.  I think they are beautiful and wanted to share them.  You can follow Wanda on Pinterest here.

Green Christmas presents aren’t just about what you choose to give as a gift – it’s also important to think about wrapping paper and even the greetings cards you’re sending out. Christmas cards are a fantastic way to get in touch with people who you may not have spoken to for a while, and are perfect for sending good wishes to family and friends. However, the numbers quickly add up, and most of us will end up using huge amounts of card for these yearly greetings. There are ways in which you can minimize the environmental impact of the cards you send.


Make Your Own Cards

If you’re really feeling creative then why not try making your own cards from recycled materials? You can use parts of old greetings cards, or scraps of card, to put together cards that are personal and fun. This is an especially good idea if you’ve got kids who enjoy arts and crafts!

You can also go digital and design your own cards on the computer. This can be another fun project for you or the kids and is an easy way to send out cards without wasting any paper at all! Save the paper cards for only your closest friends and family and you’ll be helping to save a lot of trees this Christmas.

Wrapping Gifts

A lot of gift wrap is difficult to recycle, especially since it gets torn up and thrown out with other trash! Try not to add to this waste by using recycled materials to wrap your green Christmas presents, such as old newspapers, magazines, old brown paper bags, or wrapping that you’ve salvaged from previous years. Most people won’t mind you wrapping in this way [Read more...]