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Building Your Unique Brand Identity

You have just created a great service or product, now you are trying to build your brand.  Creating a brand or logo is a very daunting task, one that does not come easy for some.  However, it can be done.  First, you have to create your brand “identity”, something that when people look at they know it’s you.  So,

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is the visual look/effects of a business (name, symbol, design, fonts, colors) that together identify and distinguish a brand in a consumers’ mind.

If you convey your unique brand with a powerful image, you’ve got immediate leverage to make your business more memorable in the eye’s of the consumer.

How do you build your brand identity?

The powerful image that is the foundation of every brand identity is a logo.

Your logo is often the first impression your business has on a potential customer, so it’s important for it to be professional and memorable. When you start to create your company’s logo consider the following three basic fundamentals:

1. Your business/product name, also called the logotype or wordmark.

A signature font and/or a special type treatment of your name will aid public recognition of your business. Some companies use a logotype as their primary form of brand identity. Well-known examples are:


2. Your icon, the graphic image or symbol that often accompanies the name.

It’s not always necessary for a brand identity to include an icon, but it’s another recognizable element that distinguishes your brand.  So if you are a new or even a small business incorporating an icon to your logo is recommended. But it’s on you to use your logo or icon wisely and effectively.  Once a brand is well-established, an icon can sometimes stand alone without a business name. Great icon examples are:





3. Your tagline, the phrase that explains your company’s mission.

Big businesses have taglines, too, but they are especially critical for new and smaller businesses.  An informative – and catchy – tagline can help you start to get the recognition in the market for your product or service.  People will start to know who you are.


After your logo is designed and tagline is created, your brand has a solid foundation on which to build both your online and offline identity.

Here is the logo I just created for my new business,

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