Marla’s Journey Through The Corporate World

After graduating from Endicott College, Marla worked her way through Corporate America where she worked for Johnson & Johnson for almost 12 years.  This is where she gained most of her administrative/office management experience.  In those 12 years she spent much of her time in the Sales & Marketing and also the Professional Education departments.

As a Professional Education Liaison/Coordinator most of Marla’s work consisted of coordinating educational meetings for Regional Sales Meetings to Professional Education Meetings for physicians.  She worked very closly with upper management processing payments to physicians, handling salary and bonus paperwork for sales representatives in a confidential manner.  Marla was responsible for the coordination of travel arrangement and meeting scheduling for a department Vice President and handled many project management tasks.



“As Project Manger, Marla exhibited great organizational skills and managed the project effectively.  I have enjoyed working with Marla and look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.”  Jennifer Maddox, Executive Director, United Way of Marshall Couty, Inc.

“While employed at Little Blessings Preschool as an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, Marla was instrumental in bringing computer technology into the preschool office and making the office work more efficient and productive.” Glenda Childs, Director of Little Blessings Preschool

“Marla was responsible for the creation of continuing education class instructor packets, submission of student continuing education credit to State governments and tracking of class roster payments.  During her tenure in my department, she displayed the ability to learn new tasks quickly and to execute her assignments with a high degree of accuracy.”  Todd Fister, Manager Customer Assistance, Thomson NETg


Marla’s Life Takes A Turn

While employed with Little Blessings, Marla was happy to learn about her “new little blessing.”  When she was 4 months pregnant with her first child, Marla was informed that he was going to have special needs.  She realized very quickly that her priorities where going to change when she gave birth to her son, and realizing that going back to work was not going to be an option for her.

So, she resumed her virtual assistant business, which would provide here the flexibility to work from home, and deal with all the specialists, therapists and doctors appointments that were needed considering her son’s diagnosis.

She realized that no matter how demanding being a “stay-at-home” mom entrepreneur is, she knew that this was the best decision for the well-being and development of her son.  But she soon came to a realization that staying home and caring for him gave her the strength and inspiration she needed to continue running her business. 


Journey To Entrepreneurship and Happiness

As Marla started to grow her virtual assistant business, while caring for her son she had a yearning to do more.  Her passion for special needs children and helping mothers that were in the same situation as her, was pulling at her heart strings.

She became a Board Member to her local Down Syndrome support group.

She decided to join some Mom Entrepreneur support groups and Special Needs support groups, in hopes to find commarderie and the business support she was looking for.  However, after joining several groups Marla learned that there was not “one” group that addressed both mothers caring for special needs children while running a business from home, so she decided to create her own.  Hence the birth of SpecialMompreneurs.







Benefits of Special Mompreneurs

As Founder and President, she wanted to form an online community for mothers of special needs children, who juggle running a business from home or are looking to start a business to care for their special needs child. 

As an advocate for special needs and a Special Mompreneur herself, Marla wanted to create a “one-stop” shop online community for mothers which would provide the following;

Through our Monthly Member Meetup calls, Discussion  Forums, Groups, Resource Library, Chat Room and more!  A member will be part of a Community of like-minded moms with similar experiences, dreams and goals!

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