Special Needs Mom Blogger, Advocate

 As a mother of a special needs child, Marla is always working to advocate and create awareness and acceptance for children with special needs.  So she created Special & Determined a window into the beautiful world of Down Syndrome.  A way to celebrate her son and all his accomplishments while creating a platform for acceptance, advocacy, understanding and tolerance of others.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.  If you see what I see, then you see a beautiful, loving, special and determined little boy. He’s special not because of his “designer” genes as we like to call them, but because of his unconditional and selfless love for people.  He truly has a magnetic and loving personality, and you can see it shine through his eyes. He is determined to make our lives and the lives of those he meets better.  He teaches us to love and to have faith that all things are possible.  He is determined to make his mark on the community, and I am determined to give him the voice and platform to do that. All things are possible when you believe!

Marla chats about Jacob’s accomplishments, shares product reviews and information pertaining to Down Syndrome.  She has created a resource of organizations for new parents to go to for support, and education.

She has started creating her RECIPE BOX of sensory, fine motor or physical therapy activities that may be helpful to other parents.

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