About Marla

Marla Murasko, Special Needs Mommy Blogger, Health Advocate, Parenting Mentor, Author, Mompreneur, Social Media Enthusiast, Passionate Blogger

Marla is a proud mom, wife, special needs mom blogger, health advocate, parenting mentor, author & mompreneur. Marla is the founder and owner of Special & Determined, a special needs mom blog. In this blog Marla gives the reader a window into the beauty of Down Syndrome, celebrates her son’s accomplishments and struggles, and shares the joys of motherhood and their everyday lives as a typical family.

Marla is a passionate health activist, advocating for awareness for Down syndrome and other causes close to her heart such as: pediatric cancer, congenital heart diseases, healthy children, literacy, music and arts for children. She has participated on panels & round table discussions covering topics of Down syndrome and being a caregiver. She is also part of the WEGO Health Press Corps where she attends different conferences that support her advocacy work. As an Event Correspondent, Marla also has done live blogging from these events to help brands build buzz.

Marla is also the Founder and President of SpecialMoms – A Special Needs Parenting Club. A group of like-minded moms who all have one thing in common…we care for a child with a disability. Here Marla provides support, resources and advice. The SpecialMoms Community is a supportive place to network, share, inspire, empower, and dream together.

Marla is also the founder and President of Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc. where she shares about her advocacy work, her passion for social media, event corresponding, event planning, fundraising and working with non-profits.

Marla is looking to partner with brands as their Brand Ambassador, work with non-profits and partner with other advocacy groups to help spread their message about awareness.

On A Personal Note:

I am fortunate to be married to my “best friend” and biggest supporter ~ my husband Paul.  We have been married for nine “never a dull moment” years. We are blessed with two wonderful children, Amanda and Jacob, who always seem to keep things interesting.

I have been in the administrative field for awhile working for large companies like Johnson & Johnson to small companies like Little Blessings Preschool.  At Johnson & Johnson, I was primarily in the areas of marketing and sales providing administrative support to directors, coordinating sales & marketing events, and managing projects.  I thoroughly enjoyed what I did.  I loved to be creative, to help others and to see the end results of my projects.


Becoming A Stay At Home Mom-preneur!

However, I found out when I was four months pregnant that my son had a congenital heart defect.  He was then diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome.  As the mother of a child with special needs, I knew right from the day Jacob was born that I needed to stay home to care for him.  However, I still had the passion and drive to continue working.  So in order for me to have the flexibility to do both I became my own boss and created Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc.

Merging all of my passions under one umbrella…

Merging all my passions and goals together under one umbrella, that which became Marla Murasko Enterprises, Inc. was easy. Becoming a mom entrepreneur was the answer!  It allowed me the flexibility to care for my son and the ability to continue utilizing my skills and talents.